Cygwin needs a man-db port

Chris J. Breisch
Wed Apr 23 15:18:00 GMT 2014

Chris J. Breisch wrote:
> Check-0.9.12 seems to work out-of-the-box. Configure with --prefix=/usr.
> "make check" on check reports all tests passed, despite what appear to
> be some failures. The CHANGELOG says that this version should pass all
> tests on Cygwin. I've just subscribed to the mailing list and will check
> on whether these failures can be ignored or not. Still, it definitely
> appears to work better than the version we have now, which only passes 1
> test in the test suite.

Just to follow-up on this a bit more.

I misunderstood the results from check's check. I should learn just to 
trust the summary results. The tests passed.
> Libpipeline-1.3.0 seems to work out-of-the-box. Configure with
> --prefix=/usr.
> Oddly a "make check" for libpipeline-1.3.0 doesn't appear to actually do
> anything. This was not the case for earlier versions of libpipeline.
> Well, that's one way of getting rid of the test failures, I guess.

I must have done something wrong in the build before I sent this. 
Re-building libpipeline does cause 'make check' to execute the tests. I 
got one failure. I've talked to the owner of the project, and he's sent 
me a patch that does eliminate the failure. So I now have a libpipeline 
where all tests pass under Cygwin.

I still get the shared library warnings when building man-db. I haven't 
yet investigated that.

Chris J. Breisch

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