Wow, just hit RCS bug (attn: Dr Volker Zell)
Fri Apr 18 12:07:00 GMT 2014

Had a quick look at some old notes. If someone is looking for a
possible code fix in RCS 5.8: try adding an fflush of the "stream" of
the "fro" struct to the macro "fro_bob" in b-fro.h. Something like
this perhaps:

    #define fro_bob(f)  do { if (STDIO_P(f)) fflush((f)->stream); fro_move (f, 0) } while (0)

Idea: whenever the file is reset to the beginning, the stream is
"cleaned". See also

The code in ci.c uses the fro_bob macro to reset the file to the

Untested, don't have time for testing myself now.


Peter Wagemans

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