Unexpected results: dirs | xargs -n 1 cygpath -aw

Paul Paul.Domaskis@gmail.com
Mon Sep 30 16:33:00 GMT 2013

Sorry, this is a re-post.  I did not completely sanitize the last post, 
leading to inconsistent info.  Unfortunately, I can't edit or retract a 
post from a mailing list.  Here is the self-consistent post:

I'm doing something wrong with xargs.  If I simply use "cygpath -aw" with 2 
arguments, it works fine:

   $cygpath -aw ~/projects/project1 ~/projects/project2


If I use "xargs -n 1" with echo, it works fine:

   $dirs | xargs echo

      ~/projects/project1 ~/projects/project2

   $dirs | xargs -n 1 echo


However, if I use xargs with cygpath, it doesn't:

   $dirs | xargs -n 1 cygpath -aw


Thanks if anyone can explain what I'm doing wrong.

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