About ssh

Javier Vasquez j.e.vasquez.v@gmail.com
Mon Sep 23 02:25:00 GMT 2013

> It looks like you have no routing to that port.
> What happens when you turn off the windoze firewall completely?

I have no clue.  Though I'm using windows 8, the following seems to apply:


But, at any rate, though the indication to turn on/off firewall is
there, it's not actionable.  Meaning, the options don't seem to be

> To see if there is routing, I find it easier to use netcat
> Install netcat, disable sshd server, then run this:
>   $ nc -lp 22

OK, done on windows with "ncat -lp 22".  The application keeps there
listening I'd guess.

> On your client, you run
>   $ echo blah | nc <host> 22

This on the remote box just hangs, and nothing happens.  Apparently it
happens the same as with ssh.



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