Tools can't find ncurses

Thomas Wolff
Tue Sep 17 08:13:00 GMT 2013

Am 17.09.2013 01:24, schrieb Warren Young:
> On 9/14/2013 15:48, Thomas Wolff wrote:
>> Am 14.09.2013 17:15, schrieb
>>> checking for working ncurses... no
>>> configure: error: Cannot find a curses library.  Perhaps you failed to
>>> install an ncurses development package?
> You may be able to dig more details out of config.log.  It'll be 
> thousands of lines long, and the error is rarely right at the end.  
> So, look for something like "-lncurses" or "curses.h".  The helpful 
> bits in that file will be nearby.  (And not necessarily *after* the 
> matching line!)
> You're looking for the test program source emitted by the configure 
> script and the errors your compiler gave when trying to compile it.
>> The files you quoted are the runtime libraries.
> Yes, but OP said:
>>> and cygcheck displays:
>>>      x86/libncurses-devel/libncurses-devel-5.7-18
> So, since the development package does seem to be installed, what does 
> "cygcheck -c libncurses-devel" say?
Oh, I overlooked that one, as it starts with "lib" - I don't understand 
that output format of cygcheck, actually.

Another issue comes to my mind: cygwin (like some Linux distributions) 
does not provide ncurses.h in /usr/include anymore but hides it in 
/usr/include/ncurses and /usr/include/ncursesw. This may likely be the 
problem; traditional packages don't find it there.

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