Fwd: Way to test cyglsa?

Evan Rowley rowley.evan@gmail.com
Mon Sep 16 18:07:00 GMT 2013

Thanks for the recommendaitons Larry.

If $USER is the test, then it appears cyglsa is working on this machine.

The firewall is disabled.

Thanks for refering me to the BLODA. I noticed some Symantec products
listed there. Symantec's Endpoint Protection and Symantec's Bakcup
Exec are installed on this server. I doubt those are causes because
the same programs are installed on another server where sshd works. In
fact, that other server is a copy of this server in question AKA the
one which isn't working. The copy was made a few years ago so there
are minor differences between the two machines. During my testing I've
used the same sshd configurations on both and I can't for the life of
me figure out why one works while the other doesn't.

For a while, I thought there was an issue with user switching but
event log shows success for cyg_server and even for the users I
attempt to login with via ssh.

Still, sshd appears to close after ssh sends a publickey packet.

These servers sit on a domain with a 'strong password' requirement.
I'm wondering if there are special keyboard characters in the
passwords which may interfere with the way cygwin handles user

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