How to read ntfs_reparse_data

Matthias Meyer
Sun Sep 15 02:32:00 GMT 2013

Andrey Repin wrote:
>>> Oh, also... Are you sure you have full low-level access to partition in
>>> question? I.e., it is not blocked by antivirus, or UAC?
>> No, I'm not sure.
> Ok, let me rephrase it - are you trying these commands in an elevated
> shell? (i.e. mintty running as administrator.)
I'm running cmd as administrator
>> In the meantime I find fsutil.exe and tried:
> C:\>> cd \Users\meyer
> C:\>> fsutil reparsepoint query Cookies
>> Error: Access is denied.
>> But than I tried:
> C:\>> mklink /J test C:\Users\meyer\AppData\Roaming\....\Cookies
> C:\>> fsutil reparsepoint query test
>> and this will work. I get my reparse data :)
>> I will see if I can reuse this data with setfattr.
I believe that I can reuse the data.
Thanks for your answers, for the conversation. It was very helpfull for me 


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