Build Failure for APR library

David Rothenberger
Sat Sep 14 21:48:00 GMT 2013

On 9/14/2013 6:18 AM, wrote:
> I read that Apache would build on Cygwin out-of-the-box, but found out that isn't the case now if it was before.  Or my setup is wrong.
> I wanted to build:
>   	 Apache    VERS=2.4.6  which is httpd-2.4.6
> This requires the two libraries  apr and apr-util

apr and apr-util libraries are already packaged for Cygwin as
libapr1-devel and libaprutil1-devel respectively. If you wish to see how
they are built for Cygwin, you can download the source for the packages
and look at the cygport build script.

FYI, apache2 is also available as a pre-built package for Cygwin. You
can also download its source package to see how it is built.

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