Updated: run-1.3.0-1

Tim Adye T.J.Adye@rl.ac.uk
Sat Sep 14 13:18:00 GMT 2013

Hi Charles,

Just to follow up on the problem that was discussed a couple of months ago
(Angelo Graziosi's initial report copied below), I have similar problems
with run-1.3.0-1 that were not present in run-1.2.0-1.

I made a simple example that perhaps shows the problem more clearly: with an
X-server running (and xmessage installed), from the Windows Command Prompt:

C:\cygwin\bin\run.exe xmessage "a      b"

With run-1.2.0-1, this shows the message with several spaces between the "a"
and "b" as given on the command line, but in run-1.3.0-1, all but one of the
spaces are dropped. I guess the new version of run is not interpreting the "
quotes correctly and xmessage is receiving two arguments "a" "b" (debug
printout shows this), which it separates with a single space. The same
happens if I use /usr/bin/run from the bash shell.

One can get the correct spacing by adding an extra level of quoting, eg.

C:\cygwin\bin\run.exe xmessage "'a      b'"

(single quotes inside double quotes, or vice versa).

Of course it's not so serious with this example, but bash -c (as Angelo and
I use) requires the full command to be passed as a single option argument.
Using the extra quoting is a work-around, but it's inconsistent and

Sorry for the noise if this was already obvious, but I thought this might be
an extra hint.

I'm using 32-bit Cygwin 1.7.25-1, freshly installed on 64-bit Windows 8.


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Angelo Graziosi wrote on 25 Jul 2013:
> After this update, my Cygwin installation is basically broken. I have 
> several links on desktop to start Cygwin applications and they don't 
> work any more. The links target sound like these:
>    C:\cygwin-2\bin\run.exe bash -l -c 'rm -rf /tmp/{.X*,dbus*,orbit*,*}; 
> XWin -nowgl -multiwindow -clipboard -silent-dup-error 2>/dev/null &'
> C:\cygwin-2\bin\run.exe bash -l -c 'GSETTINGS_BACKEND=memory emacs 
> -display 2>/dev/null &'
> C:\cygwin-2\bin\run.exe bash -l -c 'urxvt-X -display -ls 
> -e /bin/bash -l 2>/dev/null &'
> etc...
> They worked fine for years without any problem. Reverting the update to 
> previous version 1.2 of "run" allow the applications to work fine again.

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Subject: Updated: run-1.3.0-1

The run package provides a simple application to launch console programs
with their console hidden.

This is a bugfix update. It should operate as normal on cygwin-1.7.21 as
well as other versions of cygwin.  All previous versions of run, including
1.2.0-1, are broken on cygwin-1.7.21 and newer unless recompiled on
cygwin-1.7.22 to take advantage of a compile-time fix that version of cygwin

Note that this package was NOT compiled on cygwin-1.7.22, and does NOT
employ cygwin's new compile-time fix; instead, run's own code was corrected
to work properly, with the cygwin-1.7.21+ runtime behavior.

CHANGES since run-1.2.0-1
* Avoid failure on cygwin-1.7.21 vs. GetCommandLine not being populated.
  This was fixed in cygwin-1.7.22 but it's good to clean up this code
* Massive refactoring to share implementations (at the source code
  level) with run2.
* -wait need not be the first argument
* New options --run-nogui, --run-notty, --run-verbose,
  and --run-debug[=N] controlling how run.exe itself reports
  error conditions and other messages.
  + By default, it is silent. If any messages are enabled
    via --run-verbose or --run-debug=N, then they will either
    be reported on stderr, or in windows popup boxes.
  + stderr is used if run.exe is launched from the cmdline, or
    if --run-nogui.
  + Windows popup boxes are used if run.exe is launched by
    doubleclicking it or by a Windows shortcut, or if --run-notty.

Charles Wilson
volunteer run maintainer for cygwin


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