Problem compiling Qt4

Arjen Markus
Mon Sep 9 12:19:00 GMT 2013


I have been trying to use Qt4 in the PLplot project as one of the
graphical devices, but I ran into two problems building Qt4:

- While compiling the libraries, it turned out that the constant
  was not defined. I could solve this by adding a definition in the file

- This made the build process continue, but later on it failed with
this message:

/qt/bin/uic dialogs/qprintpropertieswidget.ui -o
g++ -c -pipe ... -o .obj/release-shared/qgtkstyle_p.o styles/qgtkstyle_p.cpp
styles/qgtkstyle_p.cpp: In member function ‘virtual void
QGtkStylePrivate::initGtkWidgets() const’:
styles/qgtkstyle_p.cpp:524:9: error: ‘gtk_init_abi_check’ is not a
member of ‘QGtkStylePrivate’

I have no idea whether this is at all relevant, but it prevents the
build from succeeding and therefore the installation fails as well.

Can anyone indicate how to solve this issue?



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