Trying to resolve my cygheap base mismatch issue [ SOLVED !]

Tony Whyte
Thu Sep 5 20:19:00 GMT 2013

!! PROBLEM SOLVED with gracious support from Ian H. and  Katy B. at See below

The issue with the Base Address with Cygwin is a known issue that we
patched with the following release:

This is a client only release so you wont need to update your
management console. Can you download and apply this release which will
resolve the base address issue.


When I installed this update on my Win XP SP3 32Bit, I could see
Avecto rebased PGHook.dll such that it was no longer
conflicting address wise with cygwin1.dll.

My shell is back and all is good :)

Thank you Larry , Et Al. for the responses and inputs. !!

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