Website Needs Updating to Reflect x86/x64 Change

Ethan Warth
Mon Sep 2 03:06:00 GMT 2013

Although the landing page of the Cygwin website and the beginning of the
installation page have both been updated to reflect the recent separation of
Cygwin into x86 and x64 versions, there are a number of pages throughout the
deeper sections of the site that reference (and link to) the now obsolete
setup.exe file.  Accordingly, these sections contain dead links to the old
executable, and their text now contains (slightly) obsolete information.

The "General installation notes" section of the install page on the Cygwin main
site ( ) is one example.  A few of the
sections of the Cygwin FAQ ( ) list the old link as
well, as does the "Internet Setup" section of the "Setting Up Cygwin"
page ( ).

These are a few examples, but there are more likely than not several more.
Finding them all would probably be much easier to do on the server
side through a
recursive grep for "setup.exe" than it would be to do with only guest level

(My apologies if this was already reported; I did a very cursory search on the
archives, but didn't find any previous mention of this.)

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