CALL FOR TESTING: Cygwin 1.7.18

Corinna Vinschen
Tue Mar 26 14:46:00 GMT 2013

Hi folks,

since we're pretty late already, we would like to start a (hopefully)
last round of testing for 1.7.18.

Please give the latest snapshot from a try.

We're concentrating on regressions from 1.7.17.  If you don't see any,
we're good.

Otherwise a description how to reproduce a regression from 1.7.17 with
simple tools will help.  Neither Chris nor I have a lot of time right
now, so we would very much appreciate simple testcases, preferredly in
plain C, debugging efforts trying to find the actual cause for a
problem, or, ultimately, patches to fix such a cause.

Below's a short list of what's new and improved in 1.7.18.

If nothing overly serious crops up, we hope to release 1.7.18 early next

Thanks for your help,

What's new:

- For performance reasons, Cygwin does not try to create sparse files
  automatically anymore, unless you use the new "sparse" mount option.

- Added Windows console cursor appearance support:

  - Show/Hide Cursor mode (DECTCEM): "ESC[?25h" / "ESC[?25l"

  - Set cursor style (DECSCUSR): "ESC[n q" (note the space before the q);
    where n is 0, 1, 2 for block cursor, 3, 4 for underline cursor (all
    disregarding blinking mode), or > 4 to set the cursor height to a
    percentage of the cell height.

- New API: cfsetspeed.

- Changes in cygwin1.dll and gdb-7.5.50-2 now allow gdb to recognize
  Cygwin-specific signals like "SIGTERM" as well as Windows signals like
  "SIGSEGV".  This feature is still experimental.

Bug fixes:

- Fix handle leak in rewinddir(3).  This affected Windows 2000 only.

- Allow quoted filenames in @ argument expression when called from native
  processes.  Fixes

- Fix a bug in initializing the stdio settings at process startup, which
  could result in missing output.

- rename("dir1", "dir2") could result in deleting dir2, even if the rename
  didn't take place, for instance, if dir1 and dir2 were not on the same

- rename("file1", "file2") would fail in almost all cases on NFS, due to a
  bug in the NFS driver's implementation of the FileRenameInformation info

- Fix bug where dup2 segv'ed on negative fd.

- Work around problem of erratic exit codes caused by a thread exiting
  while process is shutting down.

- Always interrupt select() on a signal.

- Fix problem where sigwait() ignored non-thread-specific signals.

- Fix special processing of "cmd /c" so that "/C" is allowed as well.

- Return 0 rather than -1 when select() times out.

- Fix some bugs in CTRL-S/CTRL-Q handling in ptys.

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