Run windows script remotely using Cygwin?

Herbert Stocker
Thu Mar 14 08:44:00 GMT 2013

Hi Gokulnath,

On 3/13/2013 3:30 AM, Gokulnath Arjunan wrote:
> Hi,
> Below is my setup.
> Windows servers 2008 which is running some jboss applications.
> I have Cygwin installed with SSH setup
> I can login to windows server from any other linux machine using ssh.
> Use case: I am able to run the dos scripts using cygwin on the machine
> and it is opening the dos command window (process window which runs
> jboss application)
>                  I am able to run the same dos script from remote
> machine (linux) and it is triggering the process in the background (i
> cannot see process windows on windows machines)
> Requirement: I wanted to run the dos script remotely but i need to
> open the process window instead of background process.
> How can i achieve this using Cygwin? Do i need additional plugin for 
> this?

i think i had a similar problem and solved it by using the screen utility.

If you have a little script started automatically when you log-in to the 
GUI, this
script runs in the context of your GUI session and therefore can open 
In my case i use the screen utility to have that script run without any 
mintty window
or DOS box open all the time.
Now when you log-in via ssh from the Linux box, instead of running the 
directly, you send some signal to the script in your GUI session, that 
tells it to run
the dos-script.

With 'signal' i do not necessarily mean the kill command, but probably some
other means of IPC. E.g. a pipe file, or just touching a certain file 
from the ssh
session (touch command),  so that the script in the GUI session knows, that
when this file exists, it should run the dos-script and delete that file.


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