Perl DBD::Oracle 'make test' fails: Oracle.dll permission denied

Bob McGowan
Tue Mar 12 23:07:00 GMT 2013


This is still an issue, reference to my original email is 

I'm now subscribed, so I'll be able to read all answers now.

Per 'marco atzeri' (see, I have gotten a copy 
of 'DependencyWalker' installed and have run several tests.

Initially, it reported several errors, one about a missing dll 
(msjava.dll), which I have downloaded and copied to /cygwin/bin.

Now, a static check of Oracle.dll reports only 'one' issue:

"Warning: At least one module has an unresolved import due to a missing 
export function in a delay-load dependent module."

I then ran a 'profile' session, using the same basic command line as run 
by 'make test'.

There is a bunch of information reported, most of which is beyond my 
grade level.  And I'm not sure if it would be much help.  I saved it all 
to a DWI data file, in case someone can and is willing to take a look.

Meanwhile, I went back and checked, just in case, whether the oci.def 
file I created for Oracle 11g was missing anything found in the 
distributed oci.def (renamed to oci8.def).  It was, but adding them and 
rebuilding from scratch (make distclean; ...) did not make any difference.

Any help is much appreciated.

Bob McGowan

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