Fwd: getting the right setup.bz2

Paul King oaeinet@gmail.com
Sun Mar 10 13:17:00 GMT 2013

I downloaded a Cygwin repository using "wget -r -T 30 -t 20 -nc  ", and I
seem to be having trouble with setup.bz2. When I use it, I get the packages
listed, but the top level tree in the package selection window (in setup)
says "no packages found".  The packages are listed beneath it anyway.

Without setup.bz2, I don't get the error, but everything is listed under

Do I need to generate my own setup.bz2 for what I downloaded, and how do I
do this?
Is there a guide specifying what setup is

Note that I already have a working Cygwin installation. I wanted to make
another installation on another computer, and going via the normal setup.exe
route thorough an FTP site led to too many stalled/aborted downloads.

Paul King

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