Drag a file into emacs-w32 frame

Arthur Tu arthur.jim.tu@gmail.com
Sun Mar 10 05:50:00 GMT 2013

On 3/9/2013 9:23 PM, Ken Brown wrote:
> On 3/8/2013 10:08 PM, Arthur Tu wrote:
>> Hope this can be fixed soon.
> It looks like the problem has been fixed.  I've built a new version of 
> emacs with the fix included and put it in my private cygwin repository:
>   http://sanibeltranquility.com/cygwin/
> There are instructions on that page.  Could you install 
> emacs-24.3_rc3-1 and emacs-w32-24.3_rc3-1 and confirm that the problem 
> is fixed for you?
> Thanks.
> Ken

Yes, of course:-)

The bug seems to be fixed. Now i can drag the file into emacs-w32.

The buffer name in the status bar are normal. However, the file name in 
the frame title is a mess.

I have this in my .emacs:
(setq frame-title-format "%f")

I can save my file correctly, so this seems to be a simply display problem.

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