Shouldn't gcc-4 depend on libmpfr4 ?

Achim Gratz Stromeko@NexGo.DE
Wed Mar 6 12:41:00 GMT 2013

Yaakov <yselkowitz <at>> writes:
> > Gcc now links to cyggmp-3.dll and cyggmp-10.dll and it doesn't like
> > that a bit.
> How so?

I've built and installed a new gmp, then updated and built a new mpfr.  It is
now linked to cyggmp-10.dll, but the mpfr library itself is still cygmpfr-4.dll
and gcc links itself to cyggmp-3.dll... classic dependency hell.

> Of course not, that is the point of library versioning, after all.

Sure.  In this case the library versioning doesn't do any good, however, since
it didn't change even though the result can't be linked.


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