Shouldn't gcc-4 depend on libmpfr4 ?

Yaakov (Cygwin/X)
Tue Mar 5 09:41:00 GMT 2013

On Mon, 04 Mar 2013 20:23:52 +0100, Achim Gratz wrote:
> Earnie Boyd writes:
> >> If someone can sell me a clue on why autotools skips the renaming of lib*.dll to
> >> cyg*.dll for gmp (this should normally be done via soname_spec, but it is always
> >> empty in the generated libtool script), I could perhaps provide updated
> >> packages, but at least working cygport files.
> >
> > Perhaps it needs to be updated to use newer autotools, especially libtool.
> I've already done that, I've even ran autoupdate (and fixed some fallout
> from that), but this didn't change things a bit.  It might be that
> LT_INIT is called at the wrong place, but I'm running out of ideas (for
> today, anyway).

The problem is a hack in gmp's which is incompatible with
newer libtool versions.  As I've been working on 64bit packages, these
are now in Ports git:;a=tree;;a=tree;a=tree

ppl and cloog-ppl should be straight-forward, but for 4.8 we instead
need isl and cloog-isl, and the two cloog's aren't fully
parallel-installable OOTB.  To work around that, I suggest both be built
with --includedir=/usr/include/${NAME}, then we can pass
--with-cloog-include to GCC depending on the version being built.



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