Promote sqlite 3.7.13-1 from test status?

Achim Gratz
Sat Mar 2 07:53:00 GMT 2013

Warren Young writes:
> I never have run the SQLite tests.

I see, thanks for letting me know.  That adds another unknown in that
investigation, unfortunately.

> At this point, I'm about to give up on it and ship an updated version
> of my latetst test packages.  That is, with FTS and such features
> enabled, the Unix /tmp directory patch, and built in Windows mode.

Yes, I guess that'd make sense.

>> the testsuite does
>> indeed produce a few of the dreaded disk I/O errors that seem to have
>> serious consequences.
> How?

The test result is different from the expected result, which might
indicate that the wrong data is returned (no overt database corruption
has happened, AFAICS).  I haven't yet looked up what those tests are
actually trying to do.

> I mean, shouldn't the test suite be running only pure Cygwin programs,
> on files accessed only via cygwin1.dll, with POSIX locking only?  If
> so, how can you run into locking errors?

Since I can't know what to expect for the non-POSIX build (it might be
that these errors are triggered someplace else), I don't know if they
are a consequence of the (at the moment rather crude) changes I made.
Also, "disk I/O error" can unfortunately mean a lot of things, not just
locking, so even that is just an hypothesis at the moment.  However,
"Windows programs" are always involved since I can't switch (completely)
off the virus scanner on the build machine.

> The reason this saga started with locking errors is that we were
> trying to mix POSIX and Windows native locking.  That situation
> shouldn't continue within the SQLite test suite.

How do you know this wouldn't happen for the "normal Cygwin build?  As I
said, while sqlite3 builds in this case, the testsuite doesn't.  The
next step will be to try to use the testsuite from the POSIX build and
use it with the sqlite3 for Cygwin.

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