Failure with fork()

marco atzeri
Thu Jun 27 19:01:00 GMT 2013

Il 6/27/2013 8:35 PM, Alan W. Irwin ha scritto:
> I have been following this thread with great interest via the archive,
> but now I have newly subscribed to this list to ask additional
> questions.
> Corinna said "Should be fixed in CVS.  Thanks (to Arjen) for the report."
> My thanks to Arjen for getting this thread started, and
> my thanks to Corinna for so swiftly finding the fix.
> I would now like to test this fix from a broader perspective of
> attempting to run the fixed setup.exe version on Wine.
> My background is I have had considerable success with using the
> combination of MinGW, MSYS, and Wine as a build and test platform for
> free software.  I would like to similarly attempt to use the
> combination of Cygwin and Wine as a build and test platform for free
> software but I was stopped from doing that because the last stage of
> running Cygwin setup.exe on Wine ran into this fork issue.
> The only Windows platform available to me is Wine.  And I have
> no Cygwin on Wine experience at this stage because this fork bug shut
> me out.  But now that it is fixed in CVS, how do I get access to
> the fixed version of setup.exe?
> Are there daily snapshot builds of the CVS version I could access?

daily not, but on reasonable schedule
(aka when Corinna or Christopher release one)

just wait for the next cygwin1-20130xxx.dll.bz2
and replace the installed cygwin1.dll with the new one

> Or do I have to build the CVS version of Cygwin from scratch on (the
> Wine version of) Windows using MinGW and MSYS, and if so is there a
> website with directions for how to do that?
> Sorry for the Cygwin newbie questions, but I am quite experienced with
> the Unix command line and building software both on Linux and on the
> bash.exe command line accessible with MinGW/MSYS/Wine so I hope I will
> only need hints to get started with (a) building the CVS version
> of Cygwin with the fork fix, and (b) building and testing software for
> the Cygwin on Wine platform.
> Alan
> __________________________
> Alan W. Irwin


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