Failure with fork()

Alan W. Irwin
Thu Jun 27 18:58:00 GMT 2013

I have been following this thread with great interest via the archive,
but now I have newly subscribed to this list to ask additional

Corinna said "Should be fixed in CVS.  Thanks (to Arjen) for the report."

My thanks to Arjen for getting this thread started, and
my thanks to Corinna for so swiftly finding the fix.

I would now like to test this fix from a broader perspective of
attempting to run the fixed setup.exe version on Wine.

My background is I have had considerable success with using the
combination of MinGW, MSYS, and Wine as a build and test platform for
free software.  I would like to similarly attempt to use the
combination of Cygwin and Wine as a build and test platform for free
software but I was stopped from doing that because the last stage of
running Cygwin setup.exe on Wine ran into this fork issue.

The only Windows platform available to me is Wine.  And I have
no Cygwin on Wine experience at this stage because this fork bug shut
me out.  But now that it is fixed in CVS, how do I get access to
the fixed version of setup.exe?

Are there daily snapshot builds of the CVS version I could access?

Or do I have to build the CVS version of Cygwin from scratch on (the
Wine version of) Windows using MinGW and MSYS, and if so is there a
website with directions for how to do that?

Sorry for the Cygwin newbie questions, but I am quite experienced with
the Unix command line and building software both on Linux and on the
bash.exe command line accessible with MinGW/MSYS/Wine so I hope I will
only need hints to get started with (a) building the CVS version
of Cygwin with the fork fix, and (b) building and testing software for
the Cygwin on Wine platform.

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