offline cygwin install question

Thu Jun 27 04:49:00 GMT 2013

I don't remember how I installed the cygwin package that is on that 
machine now, that's one reason I'm asking. I have only ever seen one 
cygwin setup.exe file. I have always just downloaded it and ran the 
installer. How would I go about downloading the specific 64-bit packages?

LMH wrote:
> Ask Microsoft if Microsoft XP 32 bit code will run on Microsoft 64 bit systems.
> Should work. But, not a good idea.
> Why not, be smart and download the cygwin setup.exe and packages specifically built for 64-bit systems and then transer it over to your non-connected 64 bit machine with a flash memory stick of suitable capacity.
> Or if you wnat simply swap the internet connect calbe to your 64-bit machine, do the downloading and then restore it.
> Cheers
> LMH <... wrote:
>> I have a win7 64-bit machine that is not online and I want to update
>> the cygwin install. What is the best method for doing this? Can I just
>> copy the current cygwin install off of my XP 32-bit machine and drop
>> it into the 64-bit win7 rig, or will that create a problem?
>> LMH
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