cygwin1.dll was not found

Mark Filipak
Tue Jun 25 12:48:00 GMT 2013

On 2013/6/25 2:25 AM, marco atzeri wrote:
> cygwin package is missing, nothing will work without it

I'm afraid I don't know what that means. What should I install? What should I 
look for? Where should I look? When I find it, where would I copy it?

> Il 6/25/2013 5:09 AM, Mark Filipak ha scritto:
>> In my existing system I found 2 instances of 'cygwin1.dll'
>> c:\Program Files\ISO to USB\cygwin1.dll // 2006-01-20, 1,805,448 bytes
>> c:\totalcmd\plugins\wcx\TotalISO\cygwin1.dll // 2006-01-20, 1,805,448 bytes
> likely they interfered, if they are in the path.

They're not on the path.

I tried & ...and I'm sorry I did!

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