Cross-compiling Linux kernel

Fedin Pavel
Tue Jun 18 12:04:00 GMT 2013


> >  P.P.S. Perhaps the answer to (*) is NO, otherwise we would have fast
> > fork()...
> That's not quite correct.  The problem is not utilizing the native NT
> functions to create a process image,

 Wow, interesting...
 I wonder if i could get a ELF with some plain hardcoded Windows syscall (an equivalent of OutputDebugString("Hello ELF world!");) running, just as a proof of concept.
 However, perhaps fully functional 32->64 bit bridges in /lib32 (or /bin32 ?) would be more useful for start. There is some prebuilt Cygwin software around, which is of course 32 bit and closed source (Perforce client is an example).

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