Cross-compiling Linux kernel

Fedin Pavel
Tue Jun 18 06:59:00 GMT 2013


> >   1. Cygwin misses linux/types.h
> I have been trying to get this fixed upstream for quite some time
> without success:

 Looks like Linux developers have taken over Olympus from greek gods, and
totally don't care about anyone except themselves any mote. I have already
met this problem when tried to push Amiga SFS filesystem implementation to
LKML. They told me something like: "We are *L*I*N*U*X*, we have own cool
filesystems and we don't care about one more obscure filesystem". I was
extremely angry and barely stopped myself from replying that whole their
Linux is not less obscure, because 99% of the world actually use NTFS. :(

 Again, from the practical point of view... May be make some package like
linux-compat ?

 P.S. I have got even more crazy idea, perhaps deserving a separate topic...
BSD systems have Linux binary compatibility layer. Could we have one ?
Technically this depends on ability to construct process image manually in
Windows (*). Is it possible (using NT API of course) ? And, of course,
someone needs lots of spare time to code this. :) OTOH, CoLinux already does
this (yep, they are not 64-bit for now...), so perhaps there's no need to
duplicate the job done.

 P.P.S. Perhaps the answer to (*) is NO, otherwise we would have fast

Kind regards,
Pavel Fedin
Expert Engineer
Samsung Electronics Research center Russia

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