Fwd: [Feature request] Setup64.exe should respect more recent packages' version

Vasiliy testtest_2005@ukr.net
Mon Jun 17 19:41:00 GMT 2013

Ok, I understand, and, yes, it's also about setup.exe. That would be
true if the package was marked as 'a test package', aka those marked
'[test]' in setup.ini, but what if they were not? From my example bash
4.2 is not marked as [test] (I've changed 'installed.db' file
accordingly), yet setup(64) downgrades it to 4.1

Why not use two conditions instead of just one? Say, 'if package is
more recent, and not marked as [test], then do not downgrade (keep)'.

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On 6/17/2013 2:54 PM, Vasiliy wrote:

Could it be possible for Setup64.exe that it would not offer
downgrading packages by default if their more recent counterparts are
installed? Example of an undesirable behavior: installed is bash 4.2,
but 4.1 version is wrongly suggested, etc.

Setup suggests downgrading only when you've install a test package.
There's nothing distinctive about 'setup.64.exe' vs 'setup.exe' in
this regard.



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