Building a new package help
Sun Jun 16 04:38:00 GMT 2013

I am trying to build an movgrab, a command line application  which can fetch video streams in various formats.

It was written for linux systems.  But, will almost build on cygwin.  

The first problem i had was it needed to have /usr/include/sys/file.h  included in a couple of files.

The last (I believe) problem is the linker can't find zlib to link to.   Below is what Makefile outputs when the error occurs.

----------  make processing outputs the below

DataProcessing.o: In function `zlibProcessorClose':
/usr/src/movgrab/movgrab-1.2.1/libUseful-2.0/DataProcessing.c:839: undefined reference to `_inflateEnd'
/usr/src/movgrab/movgrab-1.2.1/libUseful-2.0/DataProcessing.c:840: undefined reference to `_deflateEnd'
DataProcessing.o: In function `zlibProcessorRead':

Any help or leads would be appreciated.
Thank you.

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