BFD library

Damien Doligez
Wed Jun 12 11:53:00 GMT 2013

Hello all,

A long time ago, Yaakov wrote:

> While you're at it, you could fix the
> false negative in the bfd detection[3] by adding -lintl to the
> libraries in the second hasgot test.

I just tried to do that, but when I #include <bfd.h> in any C program,
I get an error:

  /usr/include/bfd.h:37:2: error: #error config.h must be included before this header

because bfd.h contains:

  /* PR 14072: Ensure that config.h is included first.  */
  #if !defined PACKAGE && !defined PACKAGE_VERSION
  #error config.h must be included before this header

So bfd.h demands that I include a <config.h> file first, but I have no
idea which <config.h>. I found two in /usr/include, but none of them
has anything to do with BFD or binutils, and they don't define PACKAGE

What am I missing?

-- Damien

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