__cygwin_environ, __imp_environ, _cur_environ, where is 'environ' symbol?

Vasyl Khalak s0972784@access.uzh.ch
Tue Jun 11 21:55:00 GMT 2013

I have tried to compile 0.18.2 gettext on x64 Cygwin, and got
"undefined reference to `environ'", where is the symbol?

user@host /cygdrive/c/cygwin

32 bit:
$ nm lib/libcygwin.a
00000000 I __imp____cygwin_environ
00000000 I __nm____cygwin_environ
00000000 B _environ

$ nm bin/cygwin1.dll
61227a44 B ___cygwin_environ
6102db00 T _cur_environ@0
61184444 D _main_environ

64 bit:
$ nm /usr/lib/libcygwin.a
0000000000000000 I __imp_environ
0000000000000000 I __nm_environ

$ nm /usr/bin/cygwin1.dll
00000001802a4778 B __cygwin_environ

PS. BTW, I couldn't get a hand to have 'setup.ini' fixed on
CygwinPorts FTP concerning the mismatched references to Java links,
and to make a '64bit' symlink in their 'cygwinports' directory, could
somebody forward my request, please?

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