pty issue causes 'screen' to hang when run from mintty as detached

Andrew Schulman
Tue Jun 11 00:51:00 GMT 2013

> See here for additional information and reproducible steps in the mintty 
> support ticket:
> I can reproduce this using cygwin 1.7.20, 1.7.19, 1.7.18, 1.7.15, and 1.7.7.
> Screen does NOT hang when is is created by calling the first command 
> through cygwin started by cygwin.bat (commands typed through Windows 
> terminal 'cmd.exe' instead of mintty) and then attempting to attach 
> through mintty with the second command.
> Workaround is to use:
> 'cygstart --hide screen -S name -d -m'

I get a little different result:

$ screen -S scrn -d -m
$ screen -S name -x
Remove dead screens with 'screen -wipe'.

and then I have to run 'reset' to get input echoing back.

I've never observed this behavior before, because I always start screen as
'screen -AURD', which works fine.

Do we have any idea whether the problem is with mintty or with screen?  Either
way, I'm afraid I'm not likely to be much help, except that an update of screen
might fix the problem.  The version of screen in Cygwin (4.0.3) hasn't been
updated in several years, because there's a big Cygwin-specific patch that will
have to be either merged into recent screen code, or be determined to be no
longer needed.


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