DuplicateHandle error

Lange, Jan-Erik Jan-Erik.Lange@haw-hamburg.de
Mon Jun 10 07:15:00 GMT 2013


I have trouble with my cygwin installation. I use the program gforth. Starting the tool there comes the following error:

3 [main] gforth 4824 dtable::stdio_init: couldn't make stderr distinct from stdout

Because of this error I cannot see the error messages, which gforth produces.

Corinna gave me already a hint for the reason of this error. But that doesnt help me solving the problem:
"This message occurs if the stdout and stderr handle are the
same, and a DuplicateHandle on the stderr handle failed for reason X."

Do you have an idea what I could do?

I installed the latest version of cygwin and I'm using Windows 7.

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