SQLite temporary path creation broken in latest stable release

Daniel Colascione dancol@dancol.org
Mon Jun 10 01:26:00 GMT 2013

The mandatory locking work (which I haven't been able to test) aside, temporary
table creation is broken with SQLite 'CREATE TEMP TABLE foo (bar
INT)' fails. cygwinGetTempname, called from getTempname, returns the correct
temporary directory --- "/var/tmp/etilqs_z28HceqmzVr3ZO1" in my case -- but
getTempname then appends another random string to this name, yielding
"/var/tmp/etilqs_z28HceqmzVr3ZO1\\etilqs_rnPCuceSOgjfeTd". We then give this
string directly to CreateFileW, which understandably fails to create the
indicated file.

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