sshd: Bad protocol version identification GET error
Thu Feb 28 14:14:00 GMT 2013

I'm running the latest sshd 

I set up local port forwarding on my android phone using the ssh -L command 

On my phone terminal emulator makes use of dropbear client v0.53.1

I set my browser proxy in orweb v2 0.4.4a to forward to the port specified
in the above command

Required connections initially succeed by I can't browse any webpage and I
get the following errors from sshd in windows event viewer

Does somebody know where the culprit lies ?

Event viewer
sshd: PID 4636: Bad protocol version identification 'GET
HTTP/1.1' from [my-gateway-router-removed]
sshd: PID 5600: Bad protocol version identification 'CONNECT HTTP/1.1' from [my-gateway-router-removed]

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