startxwin started bash does not read .bashrc or .bash_profile

Kevin Layer
Wed Feb 27 22:19:00 GMT 2013

K Stahl wrote:

>> I normally start a terminal in my .xinitrc file (Place it in your home
>> directory):
>> Example:
>> #!/usr/bin/sh
>> urxvt -e bash -l & wmpid=$!
>> wait ${wmpid}

Turns out, I'm mistaken, but I found out something interesting.

I had created a .xinitrc with a single "xterm" call in it, but I was
still running startxwin.exe instead of xinit.exe, so because I had
renamed .startxwinrc to .startxwinrc.disabled, I was running with some
default init file for startxwin.exe.

The xterm that comes up in this case *does* source my .bashrc.

>From the man page:

               This  will  start  up  an  XWin  server  and  run  the   user's
               .startxwinrc, if it exists, or else start an xterm.

So, the question is, why does the xterm that is started in the "or
else" behave different than the one started from .startxwinrc?

A big mystery to me.

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