startxwin started bash does not read .bashrc or .bash_profile

Kevin Layer
Wed Feb 27 20:15:00 GMT 2013

Andrey Repin wrote:

>> Greetings, Kevin Layer!
>> > I know ~/.bashrc hasn't been read because my prompt is not changed and
>> > my aliases are not there.
>> That's just assumption. Not the first-hand knowledge. It may be true, or
>> not... Best way to know is to place
>> set -x
>> around the start of the file and observe the results.

That was one of the experiments I did, and I saw no evidence that any
commands were executed.  I even passed it as the argument to the

As for the assumption, I understand that an error could have
short-circuited the processing of my init file, but in the bash's that
haven't read it, 

   . .bashrc

produces no errors *and* has my aliases and new prompt.


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