Need help with reported cygwin snapshot problem

marco atzeri
Wed Feb 27 19:33:00 GMT 2013

On 2/27/2013 4:51 PM, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> Yaakov is reporting a problem with Cygwin on IRC:
> (02/27/13 00:01:06) cygwinports: cgf:remember my webkit hang? this should be easier to reproduce: wget'ing a large file also hangs at the end
> (02/27/13 00:01:11) cygwinports: e.g. wget
> (02/27/13 00:01:36) cygwinports: with latest snapshot, both 32bit and 64bit
> (02/27/13 00:07:40) cgf: I don't see any hang.
> (02/27/13 00:23:36) cgf: I'll run it in a loop and see what happens.
> (02/27/13 01:13:50) cygwinports: hmm it's pretty consistent by me with large files
> (02/27/13 01:33:59) cygwinports: take that back, maybe its not a hang; a "Control connection closed" error finally appears after a ~15min delay after the download itself is complete
> (02/27/13 02:03:57) cygwinports: but it's definitely not host-specific, I get the same "stall" with
> I ran a wget in a loop all night without issue but maybe I wouldn't have
> seen a problem if it actually kept going after 15 minutes.
> Can anyone else reproduce this?  Corinna can't reproduce it either so we
> need more data points.

I did not note anything like this.

I can not make now extensive tests as I am on the road,
put the two links reported by Yaakov work both fine
on 1.7.18s(0.263/5/3) 20130131 on W7/64 for me
also using same layers of VPN

> This is likely the final obstacle to a 1.7.18 release so we're keen on
> getting this resolved.
> cgf

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