Need help with reported cygwin snapshot problem

Christopher Faylor
Wed Feb 27 15:52:00 GMT 2013

Yaakov is reporting a problem with Cygwin on IRC:

(02/27/13 00:01:06) cygwinports: cgf:remember my webkit hang? this should be easier to reproduce: wget'ing a large file also hangs at the end
(02/27/13 00:01:11) cygwinports: e.g. wget
(02/27/13 00:01:36) cygwinports: with latest snapshot, both 32bit and 64bit
(02/27/13 00:07:40) cgf: I don't see any hang.
(02/27/13 00:23:36) cgf: I'll run it in a loop and see what happens.
(02/27/13 01:13:50) cygwinports: hmm it's pretty consistent by me with large files
(02/27/13 01:33:59) cygwinports: take that back, maybe its not a hang; a "Control connection closed" error finally appears after a ~15min delay after the download itself is complete
(02/27/13 02:03:57) cygwinports: but it's definitely not host-specific, I get the same "stall" with

I ran a wget in a loop all night without issue but maybe I wouldn't have
seen a problem if it actually kept going after 15 minutes.

Can anyone else reproduce this?  Corinna can't reproduce it either so we
need more data points.

This is likely the final obstacle to a 1.7.18 release so we're keen on
getting this resolved.


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