startxwin started bash does not read .bashrc or .bash_profile

Kevin Layer
Wed Feb 27 15:50:00 GMT 2013

Robert Pendell wrote:

>> Commonly .bash_profile does source in .bashrc so that it gets executed too.

Exactly what mine does.  I just want to be clear: I have not been able
to get bash to source *anything* when started from startxwin.exe.

I've done hours of experimentation and done many variations on how
bash is started (from mintty, xterm, urxvt, ...) and I've not found a
single working case.   I've passed --init-file and --rcfile explicity.

I've strace'd the startup of bash and only ever saw it open
.bash_history.  No touches to the init files.   (I don't know how good
strace is on cygwin, so this might not be definitive.)

Can anyone else get their init file(s) loaded?? 

This seems like a serious bug.

Btw, I set HOME in Windows to c:\cygwin\home\layer and not c:\Users\layer\.
*BUT*, I have put in place dummy .bash_profile and .bashrc files that
echo something and I've not seen that trigger during testing.

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