$USER is not resolved in paths sometimes

wynfield@gmail.com wynfield@gmail.com
Sat Feb 23 09:51:00 GMT 2013

Sorry, I copied all examples with the -w option which is wrong for converting into a unix like pathname. 

To convert to a unix pathname use the option  -u
       to convert to a windows pathname use   -w

Run:   cygpath --help 

for more detals.  and to get the output in the sell use $(...) or the ticks `....`
with the command and all arguments inside.

> I agree with Achim.  Don't use Microsoft Windows paths.
> Cygwin has a function called cygpath which is very handy to use to convert paths and use in zsh and other shell scripts
> In zsh, using zsh syntax, I use it like this:
> Convert the first argument to a micrsoft window format pathname
>    winpath=$(cygpath -w $1)
> or to convert a Windows formatted pathname to unix like do:
>     fname=$(cygpath -w ${windows-type-ifname})
> a hardcoded filename would be
>     fname=$(cygpath -w ${C:\miscrosoft\windows-type-ifname.abc})
> * you may need to quote the flename to escape : or \....

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