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marco atzeri
Sat Feb 23 06:21:00 GMT 2013

On 2/23/2013 12:43 AM, wrote:
> I'm installing Cygwin on about my 10th machine and I just noticed
> something I've never noticed before.  Besides the graphical progress
> bars there is a percentage in the title bar.  In my case, it is now up
> to 184%.  I kinda expected it to run u to 100% and then the installation
> would be done.  What should I expect the maximum to be, so I'll be able
> to plan the rest of my weekend?  FWIW, I selected a full install, since
> I'm using it for teaching purposes, and I never know what questions I'll
> be asked.

to install everything takes "a lot of" time.
Specially the postinstall steps of all the  texlive packages
is time hungry.

similar story not so time ago:

A better solution, IMHO, was to install only base as first step,
and add whatever argument you could need for your teaching as
second step.

We know about the >100% glitch in setup and if I am not wrong
has been solved for the next release that will be deployed.
Sometime ago the full cygwin size overcome a 32bit size counter.


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