Installer Progress Reporting
Sat Feb 23 00:31:00 GMT 2013

Okay, one update, then I'm getting on with my life.  Somewhere around  
300% the sign changed, the gui progress bar cleared (no doubt related  
to the -300%), the magnitude peaked around 360 and is now working its  
way back down. Fortunately, the packages seem to be getting installed  
in alphabetical order, rather than the order in which they are  
presented in the package selection tree, so I can monitor progress  


> I'm installing Cygwin on about my 10th machine and I just noticed  
> something I've never noticed before.  Besides the graphical progress  
> bars there is a percentage in the title bar.  In my case, it is now  
> up to 184%.  I kinda expected it to run u to 100% and then the  
> installation would be done.  What should I expect the maximum to be,  
> so I'll be able to plan the rest of my weekend?  FWIW, I selected a  
> full install, since I'm using it for teaching purposes, and I never  
> know what questions I'll be asked.
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