[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: emacs*-24.2.93-2 (TEST)

Achim Gratz Stromeko@NexGo.DE
Thu Feb 21 09:37:00 GMT 2013

marco atzeri <marco.atzeri <at> gmail.com> writes:
> running octave from emacs on cygwin, is like putting two elephants on 
> top of a hippo.

The thing is, it used to work...  My current workaround is to run octave in a
separate shell window, but that is quite a bit less convenient.

I've started emacs from a shell window rather than the X11 menu and here's the
error I get in the shell:

(pid 4324 stderr) (emacs:4324): GLib-WARNING **: In call to g_spawn_sync(), exit
status of a child process was requested but SIGCHLD action was set to SIG_IGN
and ECHILD was received by waitpid(), so exit status can't be returned. This is
a bug in the program calling g_spawn_sync(); either don't request the exit
status, or don't set the SIGCHLD action.
winClipboardWindowProc - timed out waiting for WIN_XEVENTS_NOTIFY
winGetWindowInfo: forcing window to exist
(pid 4324 stderr) (emacs:4324): Gtk-CRITICAL **:
gtk_distribute_natural_allocation: assertion `extra_space >= 0' failed
winGetWindowInfo: forcing window to exist

My earlier assertion that the plot doesn't appear at all is wrong, BTW.  At the
moment the window is mapped you can briefly see the plot, but then the window
goes all gray.  I don't get the Gtk errors if I try to do the same thing from
emacs-w32, but the behaviour of the plot window is the same.

> I will be surprised of a positive and reactive outcome

You are right that plotting in octave through emacs has deteriorated in
performance quite a bit in the last two years, especially when plotting via
Gnuplot; that is not Cygwin specific.


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