[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: emacs*-24.2.93-2 (TEST)

Ken Brown kbrown@cornell.edu
Wed Feb 20 12:45:00 GMT 2013

On 2/20/2013 6:50 AM, Achim Gratz wrote:
> Ken Brown <kbrown <at> cornell.edu> writes:
>> emacs-X11 now supports GNOME's GSettings and GConf features.  As a
>> consequence, it is important that you have a D-Bus session daemon
>> running before starting emacs under X11.  Otherwise, emacs will try to
>> start one, and this can cause problems.
> I've tested this again: the problem is that Emacs starts _multiple_ dbus daemons
> and they step onto each others' toes.  Somehow Emacs seems to retry starting the
> dbus-daemon (actually it seems to use dbus-launch to do that).

It's more complicated than that.  But the problem has already been 
debugged and fixed in the emacs development trunk:


Unfortunately, the fix won't make it into emacs-24.3.

> Even then, emacs-X11 (Cygwin running the latest snapshot from 2013-01-31) seems
> to have other problems with external processes.  Trying to run octave from
> within Emacs and using the fltk plot utility shows (after quite some time) an
> empty plot window.  Emacs-w32 doesn't have that problem, i.e. the window appears
> much faster and actually contains a plot and some controls.

I'll defer to Marco on this.

> Both emacs-X11 and emacs-w32 have another problem (I don't know since when and
> whether it is in emacs or git): setting
> EDITOR=emacsclient -n
> and then trying to do a "git commit"  will bounce the buffer to an emacs
> instance with the COMMITMSG to emacs, but git immediately returns as if the
> buffer had been finished in Emacs.  The buffer is still open in Emacs, but not
> marked as a server buffer.

My reading of the documentation is that this is to be expected:

$ man emacsclient
-n, --no-wait
        returns immediately without waiting for you to "finish"
        the buffer in Emacs.

Is the behavior you described specific to Cygwin?

I use "emacsclient -c" and it works fine.  Or you can use  "emacsclient 
-a '' -c" if you're not sure there will always be an emacs server running.


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