[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: emacs*-24.2.93-2 (TEST)

Achim Gratz Stromeko@NexGo.DE
Wed Feb 20 11:51:00 GMT 2013

Ken Brown <kbrown <at> cornell.edu> writes:
> emacs-X11 now supports GNOME's GSettings and GConf features.  As a 
> consequence, it is important that you have a D-Bus session daemon 
> running before starting emacs under X11.  Otherwise, emacs will try to 
> start one, and this can cause problems.

I've tested this again: the problem is that Emacs starts _multiple_ dbus daemons
and they step onto each others' toes.  Somehow Emacs seems to retry starting the
dbus-daemon (actually it seems to use dbus-launch to do that).

Even then, emacs-X11 (Cygwin running the latest snapshot from 2013-01-31) seems
to have other problems with external processes.  Trying to run octave from
within Emacs and using the fltk plot utility shows (after quite some time) an
empty plot window.  Emacs-w32 doesn't have that problem, i.e. the window appears
much faster and actually contains a plot and some controls.  

Both emacs-X11 and emacs-w32 have another problem (I don't know since when and
whether it is in emacs or git): setting

EDITOR=emacsclient -n

and then trying to do a "git commit"  will bounce the buffer to an emacs
instance with the COMMITMSG to emacs, but git immediately returns as if the
buffer had been finished in Emacs.  The buffer is still open in Emacs, but not
marked as a server buffer.


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