Emacs silently fails to run after last cygwin update

Bryan M. Kramer kramer@techne.ca
Sun Feb 17 18:29:00 GMT 2013

I upgraded cygwin on both an XP and a Windows 7 box this week. In both 
cases, the x windows version of emacs fails to start. In both cases the 
X server is cygwin X running on the windows 7 box). I have tried 
reinstalls on most of my cygwin  packages on both hosts to no avail. 
emacs-nox does run normally and reports version 24.2.1. "emacs -q" makes 
no difference. No error is reported on the console. I have gdb on the 
windows box - trying to run emacs gives a
> During startup program exited with code 0xc0000013.
I have no trouble firing up other x windows programs such as xterm, 
xemacs, or the latest emacs from a linux virtual machine. All of the 
boxes have all of the latest windows updates.

Emacs was working for me on these hosts a couple of weeks ago.

Downgrading emacs and emacs-x11 to  23.2.9  doesn't help.

Several internet searches and forum searches have not revealed anyone 
else having this problem.

Does anyone know what the solution might be?



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