Promote sqlite 3.7.13-1 from test status?

Achim Gratz
Mon Feb 11 21:24:00 GMT 2013

Hi Warren,

Warren Young writes:
> From my perspective, though, I have a new problem, which is scraping
> together enough free time to set up the SQLite test suite on a machine
> here and set it to grinding, so I can exonerate the recent .15.1
> build.

That's the second time I hear you talking about running the test suite
for SQLite… where'd you get that from?

> (This in response to David's report that the .15.1 builds cause
> Cygwin svn to fail *its* test suite.)

I've seen those particular tests grind to a halt or fail in my testing
as well, with earlier versions of both subversion and sqlite.  I'm not
sure what is going on there, but it used to get better with newer
versions of BerkeleyDB IIRC.

> Until someone does that, even with a POSIX exponential backoff patch
> in hand, I still can't move forward because I don't know if I'm just
> trading one problem for another.

As I said, it would be easier to effectively suppress the retry feature
in the Windows-like build to see if the same error happens before making
a foray into adding that feature to (POSIX && CYGWIN).

> I'm also not entirely sure it's kosher for Cygwin SQLite to have
> exponential lock retry backoffs when the Linux build doesn't.

If Linux had a Win32 daemon that kept locking away files without telling
it would probably need this as well.

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