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Corinna Vinschen
Fri Feb 8 13:03:00 GMT 2013

On Feb  8 13:29, Thomas Wolff wrote:
> Am 08.02.2013 13:04, schrieb Corinna Vinschen:
> >On Feb  8 10:55, Adam Dinwoodie wrote:
> >>Thomas Wolff wrote:
> >>>Am 08.02.2013 11:13, schrieb Andrey Repin:
> >>>>Greetings, Regid Ichira!
> >>>>>    I have uploaded an image demonstrating the problem.  It is at
> >>>>> .
> >>>>>The image is taken from .
> >>>>>The marked line should read:
> >>>>>      Note: Not all of the above setup.hint lines are required. Please
> >>>>>            read the description below for further details on how to
> >>>>>            construct a setup.hint file.
> >>>>>I have split the line to make it readable in this post.
> >>>>>If you will ask the browser to search for the first line of the text,
> >>>>>it will probably find the line for you.
> >>>>>    Am I the only one that see it?
> >>>>>As an aside, I also think the Notes at ,
> >>>>>should have their fonts somewhat larger.
> >>>>This could be an issue with your browser.
> >>>>I've quickly checked it in what I have on hand, and the text appears to be
> >>>>fine.
> >>>>Try a different browser first, perhaps?
> >>>I see the same problem with Firefox 18
> >>I also see the problem on Chrome 24 on Win7.  IE9 on Win7 is readable and
> >>doesn't display the problem.
> >>
> >>>and the issue is clearly caused by style.css:
> >>>#navbar h4
> >>>{
> >>>font-style: normal;
> >>>font-size: .1em;
> >>>}
> >>According to Chrome's developer console, this text isn't a `#navbar` element;
> >>the culprit here is the later setting of `font-size: .3em;` at line 321 of
> >>style.css.
> >What would be the right fix?
> Very weird; I can't reproduce the issue right now. When I checked
> earlier, though, the issue was affected by the line I quoted
> (shouldn't be, indeed, maybe a bug in Firefox) while the ".3em" line
> does not exist in the style sheet.
> I suggest to just remove the dot before "1em" in the "#navbar h4"
> style, whatever its purpose might be...

Done.  Can you please check if that fixed the OPs problem?


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