non-blocking accept() can hang.

Thomas Wolff
Fri Feb 8 10:40:00 GMT 2013

Am 05.02.2013 12:46, schrieb Andrey Repin:
> Greetings, Tanaka Akira!
>>>> I found that non-blocking accept() can hang.
>>> [...]
> ...
> ... this issue
> might be fixed in latest snapshot, and you would be better to try it out and
> see if that's true.
Achim Gratz responded:
> It was clear from your post that you were running the release version, thank
> you.  I've compiled your program and it does seem to work correctly, I'm running
> the latest snapshot.
Just curious; I guess this is related to the recent tuning of select():
Same cause, same fix?

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