stat() and tilde prefix (was bad bash tab completion)

Eric Blake
Thu Feb 7 15:32:00 GMT 2013

On 02/07/2013 12:00 AM, Shaddy Baddah wrote:
> Please find the patch discussed attached. It probably needs to be a bit
> more generic, maybe with some precompiler directives to limit it to
> cygwin? Although if it is just for cygwin, perhaps it can just go in the
> cygports patch?

The build of bash has nothing to do with cygports; if I decide to take
this, I will include something like it the next time I build bash for

> Do I need to put an "attn bash maintainer" on the subject line?

Nah, I read the list.

>  	*r++ = '\\';
>        /* XXX -- check for standalone tildes here and backslash-quote them */
> -      if (s == text && *s == '~' && file_exists (text))
> +      if (s == text && *s == '~' && tilde_file_exists (text)) {

No need to add the {} here.

>          *r++ = '\\';
> +      }
>        *r++ = *s;
>      }
>    *r = '\0';
> diff --git a/general.c b/general.c
> index fdadf1d..b279cbe 100644
> --- a/general.c
> +++ b/general.c
> @@ -544,6 +544,28 @@ file_exists (fn)
>  }
>  int
> +tilde_file_exists (fn)

This function is misnamed for what it does, which is attempt work around
the fact that cygwin's handling of .. is not POSIX-compliant.  I think a
better fix would be to change file_exists() itself instead of adding a
misnamed wrapper function; then bashline.c wouldn't even need patching.
 The string 'tilde' need not even be in the patch; what you are really
after is a function that says that if '..' is found within a string
being probed for existence, then add an additional check to see if the
prefix of that string exists as a directory.

But I don't mind experimenting with the idea - it remains to be seen
whether people will complain that bash is noticeably slower because it
takes time to double-check instead of rely on cygwin's non-POSIX
shortcut.  And the slowdown would only be on paths containing a '..'; I
would NOT be checking for symlinks (even though symlinks containing ..
are also being interpreted in a non-POSIX manner, it is much more
expensive to second-guess if you have to check every name for being a
symlink than it is to just check for literal ..).

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